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INFORMATION, Terms & Conditions

You can make a booking by:

Telephone (02)66572425 Email and provide the details below.

When making a booking please provide as much information about YOU and your pet as possible. Details such as: Your Name, Address, Home Phone Number, Mobile Phone Number, Email address, alternate contact person and Preferred Vet.

Pet: Name, Breed, Sex (desexed status), Age (DoB), Size (Weight), Colour, Microchip No, Needs Medication or requires a special diet. Pertinent information about its socialisation, temperament or escape artist abilities.

We CANNOT accommodate aggressive or violent pets as our facility is set up so that we interact with your pet regularly throughout the day.


There are no discounts for the provision of your own food. This is a option for animals with different dietary requirements due to health issues or for finicky eaters. The food provided at the pet resort contains all the essential nutrients needed by your animal to be healthy and happy.

Dry biscuits and loaf style wet food is provided each evening with plenty of water and exercise for dogs. Dry biscuits (available all the time) and tinned cat food (given each evening) is provided, with plenty of fresh water for our cats.

Our staff are happy to give the food you bring to the DPR to your pet at no charge. Your food must be provided in individual containers (meat or vegetables - no bones (except uncooked chicken bones) please), clearly labelled with instructions as to how much it is to be administered. Dry food can be in it's original bag or plastic container with the amounts given clearly detailed.


Medications that your pet needs to take should be clearly labelled with their name and the amounts that need to be dispensed. Please provide sufficient medicine for their stay and a dispenser. Information regarding HOW your pet takes their medications is required eg in food, down the throat, dispensed in milk, crushed etc.


All care is taken to ensure that your pet is safe and secure. Please advise if you don't wish your pet to socialise with other animals. However, sometimes animals fall ill or engage in rougher play than expected. ALL veterinary charges will be paid for by the client. Either directly to the vet (if you are their client already) or to reimburse the DPR if the charges are already paid.

The staff will endeavour to contact you prior to seeking veterinary help, but the health of your pet is paramount and if contact cannot be made the DPR Manager or staff will take measures to have your pet seen by a qualified veterinarian. The decision to treat will be made based on any information or recommendations you have provided and the recommendations of the vet. Please advise the staff if you don't wish them to seek veterinary care or if you want to place an upper limit on treatment costs..


Please discuss with your vet your pets' personal requirements.
CATS (F3 yearly is acceptable)
DOGS (C5 or C3 + Bordatella covers all these.)
[Please note: Bordatella/ Kennel/ Canine Cough MUST be vaccinated against each year.]

All animals must be WORMED, FLEA and TICK treated prior to entering the kennels. Product names and Dates of the latest application must be supplied regardless of whether you need to use these treatments where you live. You MUST apply them to your pet prior to entering the kennels or they will be treated by our staff and you will be charged the costs of the treatments and a fee for their application.

FAILURE to provide vaccination papers or treatment information may result in your pet being denied access to the resort or being treated by our vet and the additional costs being added to your invoice.

Terms & Conditions

Your pet must be vaccinated, clean and deloused before entering the resort.

You agree to pay all charges related to your pet's booking and any damages your pet may cause.

We take all care but no responsibility for the loss or damage of any animal or accessories left in our care.

We reserve the right to seek veterinary care if necessary, at the owner's expense and you agree to pay all charges.

If no contact is made by the owner within 7 days of discharge date, the animal may be disposed of by way of the manager's discretion.

Pets may be photographed and displayed at the resort or online for advertising purposes.

If you fail to notify us or provide insufficient notification that your pet will be staying longer or being picked up earlier than booking dates discounts may be rescinded and you will pay the full price of the booking and any additional fees incurred.

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Address: 121 Mountain Top Road, Dorrigo Ph:(02)66572425 email:

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